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Don't buy a computer for Christmas this year

Wait until Christmas 2006 to get the computer you've been dreaming of, and it should come with Windows new operating system.
Vista will have big advantages over Windows XP. New color management system: Have you ever printed a picture from your computer and thought that doesn't look like it did on my computer, you weren't imagining it.
The new color management system will reduce that problem.
Increased security: can you say no more spyware, or adware, well at least less of it .
New virtual folder system: find and organize files easily.
Enhanced Windows media center: will be built into most versions of Vista. Say goodbye to Tivo. You can even burn your TV shows to disc.
Hardware: New computers come with hardware that will be able to take advantage of Vista's advanced features, making the computer faster and more hopefully more stable.

Computers have come a long way in the last few decades. Processor speed, memory, display resolution and connectivity options have vastly improved. When buying a computer, it is always best to get the latest in hardware and software operating systems as they keep updating all the time, and your computer can be outdated fairly soon.

Other reasons
Price drop: The most costly component of a new computer system is dropping almost daily. Wait until next year, and buy the 21 inch LCD monitor, or think about how much that 200 gig hard drive will cost next year.
Maybe between now and next Christmas someone will beat Microsoft and release a better operating system. I am not going to hold my breath
The best reason, you will be the first kid on the block to have this cool new toy.
Troy Hardy

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Microsoft to cancel vista beta 2

Put this one in the rumor category, and say it isn't so. is reporting the following.

"According to sources who chatted to Windows IT Pro, Vole is so determined to get Vista out for the third quarter of 2006 that it is prepared to kill off the Beta 2 stage.

Vole has denied that it is canceling Beta 2, but Amitabh Srivastava, the corporate vice president of Windows Core Operating System Development said that Beta was "less urgent" because of the company's new engineering process and early CTP feedback."

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Vista Final testing will start earlier than ever before

Users of the preliminary version "will have a feature-complete Windows Vista sooner in their hands than any previous Windows release," Srivastava said in a conference call Tuesday.

This means that microsoft will have more time to work on stability and bug issues.
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The trade off would be that new features will be stopped sooner in the development cycle.
I,ll take that tradeoff, definitely would be worth it if they can reduce instances of the blue screen of death, and fix security issues earlier on.

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Windows Vista for Christmas 2006?

Maybe sooner,

BusinessWeek has received a copy of the internal Blog of Vole executive Chris Jones, which said that he will not get his bonus if Vista is not shipped with high quality and with the 'soul intact' by August 31st, 2006.

I hope Chris gets his bonus. He is probably a nice guy.
Anyone planning on giving the gift of Microsoft next year

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Vista Beta 2 Due December

The Hotfix reports that Windows Vista Beta 2 will be released on December 16, 2005.

"Rumors are abound that the RTM date has officially been set for July 25th, 2006. Microsoft is pushing hard for this date to prepare OEM's for the Christmas season ramp-up. With all of the new sku's being released, OEM's and Microsoft have been in talks to prepare them for the madness that will follow the release. A Beta 2 of Vista is expected to be in testers hands on December 16th, 2005."

They also report that Office 12 Beta 1 will be released to MSDN subscribers over the coming weeks.

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